Cheap Sandtray Therapy Wooden Sandtray.

Cheap Sandtray Therapy Wooden Sandtray.

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Wooden sandtray for sandtray therapy. This tray is handmade to order. Made of 100% hardwood and built to last. With a classic wood look that will get the mind to open up. Sealed with epoxy and a thick polyurethane finish that can be used wet or dry.

- Hardwood built
- Can be used dry or wet
- Jungian sized tray, inside dimensions 28.5" X 19.5"x2.75"
- Inside bottom and sides are painted blue. Representing water or sky and very calming.
- Comes in four different wood styles
- Custom sizes and shapes can be made to order

We also make shelving and storage for trays and all your sandtray miniatures. Reach out for options and pricing.